Hi. I'm Scott Numamoto
I'm a software engineer @Render. Formerly Lyft, UC Berkeley. Some of my interests include distributed systems, STEM education, and film photography.
diagram of daemon communication
Replication for the Global Data Plane
My group designed and implemented a distributed replication system for a secure log in CS 262 - Advanced Computer Systems.
simulator in action
Robotics Simulator
How can we make the experience of programing a robot for Pioneers in Engineering more accessible?
fist holding a twenty dollar bill
Building an application to track spending using Ruby on Rails.
graph of ethnicity distribution
Data Visualization
Working with data in R to visualize the students Pioneers in Engineering serves.
From home and where I've traveled. Mostly taken on film.
downwell screenshot
How can one game mechanic define an entire experience?
hayward students
Final Competition
300 students. 25 schools. 3 months. 1 Robotics Competition.
obaymax shirt
Designing and creating a t-shirt.