Desktop Screenshot of Bell Application

Bell is a personal project that I started thinking about one day in pre-calculus that I developed for Android and web. A little back-story – the bell schedule at my high school was not easy to remember. Nearly all the periods started and ended at odd times. Bell was a way for me to be more efficient with my time. After a brief attempt to program Bell in TI-BASIC on a graphing calculator, I decided to build for web due to its reach onto most devices.

Bell Application Logo
The Bell Android logo designed with the help of Kelly Numamoto and Jason Tam

I have revised the code multiple times as I’ve learned more about programming. The original tangled mess of code has refined as I’ve learned more with a main goal of improving readability. Bell has seen multiple iterations - first on web through Javascript and then later for Android in Java.

One of the most engaging challenges of Bell though was the graphic design. Bell has seen about 4 major iterations, each with a different color scheme. I drew inspiration from the websites with designs that resonated with me. One of my favorite resources that shaped in particular the Android experience is Google’s Material Design guidelines. Emulating different styles of web design gave me a great boost in learning the web languages – solid goals that translated into experience.

Bell Application Color Sampling
A few different color combinations for the web app I sampled

Bell for web has currently seen over 5,000 users and nearly 100,000 pageviews.